December 2022: Gallery Nucleus “Disney Dream Destinations”

December 2021: Gallery Nucleus “Phantasy Arcade”

January 27th: Society of Illustrators “Illustration West 56”
February 1st-March 3rd: Helikon Gallery “Pixel Palette II”
February 2nd-24th: Gallery 1988 “Monty Python”
February 24th: Creature Features “Tim Curry Tribute”
April 6th-21st: Gallery 1988 “30 Years Later”

July 14th: Grim Manor Gallery
September 16th-October 4th: Gallery 1988 “Focus Features”
October 5th-8th: NYCC (Cancelled, unable to attend)
October 7th-28th: Copro Gallery “Tribute to Guillermo del Toro”
December 2nd-30th: Copro Gallery “The Underworld”

July 9th-10th: Rue Morgue’s Dark Carnival Expo
July 22nd-23rd: Scares That Care Weekend III
December 2nd: Gallery 5 “Yuletide Monsters III A Krampus Art Show”

January 19th: Poe Museum – Poe’s Birthday Celebration
February 1st: Glitch Gallery “Annual Group Show”
February 27th: Hero Complex Gallery “Quotes” Show
May 1st: Gallery 999 “Haunted Mansion Tribute Show”
May 15th-17th: Steampunk World’s Fair
May 22nd-24th: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live
July22nd-24th: Scares That Care
August 20th-23rd: Necronomicon Providence
August 20th: Ars Necronomica
September 25th-27th: Baltimore ComicCon
October 17th: Sink/Swim Press Comic Creator Expo
December 4th: Gallery 5 “Yuletide Monsters II A Krampus Art Show”
December 11th: Cotton Candy Machine “Brooklyn Biennial Group Show”

2014 Curiosités Galerie: Memento Mori
2014 Susanita Gallery: David Bowie Tribute
2012 Galerie Daniel Maghen: The Book Show2012 Viktor Wynd Fine Art (Last Tuesday Society): The Party Show
2012 Creature Features: October Shadows
2010 Gallery Nucleus: Power in Numbers
2010 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship
2010 Edgar Allan Poe Museum

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