Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest

“Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest is a bidding and bluffing game (for 3-6 players) set in the dark fantasy universe of the Court of the Dead.

Trapped between the heavenly host and the demonic horde, you have been charged with harvesting the souls of mortals and dividing them evenly between these two equally corrupt celestial overlords. But the Alltaker – leader of the Underworld – has other plans. In support of the Alltaker’s covert rebellion against Heaven and Hell, you must secretly gather your forces and work to save as many souls as possible. All of your guile and wits will be put the test. For if the Dark Harvest comes up short, nothing will save you from the celestials’ wrath.   

A light-weight bidding and bluffing game set in the dark fantasy world of Sideshow’s Court of the Dead. With a unique 2-currency bidding system, players use both their own political influence and the souls of the dead to win the favor of the Court and stave off celestial annihilation. Win through clever bidding or outright sabotage. There are multiple paths to victory and a variety of characters to interact with creating a highly replayable game.”

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